A Hectic and Heartbreaking weekend

Well it’s been a hectic couple of days. I’ll start at the beginning. 

My family drove up to Breckenridge with some family friends for the weekend! One of them knows someone who owns this HUGE house in the mountains that we got to stay in, it was BEAUTIFUL!!

We spent the first night just hanging out. Marie made carne asada and it was DELICIOUS. I’m still thinking about it! We played this game called Spot it, which was so fun! We were all yelling and screaming and laughing until we cried.

The next day I woke up to fresh waffles, bacon, fruit, and pumpkin muffins! But I was good and only had some fruit, yogurt, and a muffin (which my mom made from scratch at home before we got there!)

Then, we went out to lunch at a brewery whose name I cannot remember. They had a lot of delicious looking burgers and fried foods but I resisted and had a cobb salad with balsalmic vinagerette!

It was pretty good!

Then we walked down to a little bakery. My dad’s friend offered to buy everyone dessert, but once again, I was good and said no!

Then we walked around town and shopped for a bit. We were planning on staying another day. But we ended up going home that night. 

Before lunch, some of the friends we went up there with (Ed, Marie, and their daughter Caity) got a horrible phone call. Their oldest son, Eddie, was found unconscious and unresponsive in his front lawn and had been rushed to the hospital. They left right away and we went into the restaurant to eat and wait for news (we had no idea at the time how serious it was) We found out about an hour later that he had suffered a heart attack, but was stable. Comforted by the news that he was stable and going to be alright, we went out to the bakery and then to shop, but while we were shopping we got a text from Marie saying they had gotten bleak and horrible news. Assuming that only meant one thing, we went straight back to the house, loaded up our car, and left. Our new information was that Eddie was still stable, but had only a slim chance of survival. He hadn’t suffered a heart attack, but a cardiac arrest, and they had no idea how long his heart had been stopped before they found him and were able to restart it again. He was under heavy sedation and his body temperature was lowered to prevent further organ damage. 

Once we got home, my parents headed straight to the hospital, and I stayed home with my siblings. My parents were at the hospital for most of the night, went back the next morning and were there all day. Eddie’s family has barely left his side. Eddie is only 26 years old (much too young for cardiac arrest) He has been married only about 2 years and has a 5 month old son.

Right now, Eddie has been taken off of paralysis medication, and they have warmed his body up, now they are just waiting to see if he will wake up. 

Please, PLEASE, keep this family in your prayers. Pray for a miracle, that the Lord will heal their son, that he will wake up soon, and live a long and healthy life. Pray for his family during this tragic time, that God would provide them with peace and hope. Miracles can happen, our God is great and we. need. a. miracle. 

My heart is breaking for my dear family friends, and for Eddie’s wife and precious baby boy. Please keep them in your prayers for the next few days as they wait.

Eddie, his wife Rachel, and their son, Levi

(Stolen from Eddie’s facebook)

I have faith that God’s will will be done.

“"Then they cried out to The Lord in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress. He sent forth his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave. Let them give thanks to The Lord for his unfailing love, and his wonderful deeds for men.“ Psalm 107:19-21


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