Let’s Catch Up

Sorry, I know how long it’s been. It’s been forever. Not that any of you were actually waiting on the edge of your seats for my next post, but still. 

Saying I was busy would be an understatement to describe theses past few weeks so let’s start where I left off. 

My sister graduated high school a few weeks ago!!

Isn’t she pretty?

Mollie and Alina

We had family in town so that week was filled with going out to eat, and graduation parties galore. Needless to say, some very unhealthy eating 😦

YUM. Boyfriend and I went to coldstone with his family for his brother’s birthday one night, my friend Kie is the manager there, he told me if he made me ice cream I had to put it in my blog.

Lunch I made my family on Mollie’s graduation day. She didn’t want to bloat in her dress but didn’t want to be hungry either. This is organic, non GMO pizza with a spinach salad and a side of strawberries. It was delicious.

So after my week of bad eating and having hardly any time to work out, I decided to do a little cleanse. Carb-free for two weeks. 

I can already answer your question, and yeah, it’s HARD. Carbs are what give you energy, and they’re in almost EVERYTHING. But I didn’t want to delay my progress more than I already had so I needed to jumpstart myself back onto the right track. 

And jumpstart I did! I’ve lost 4 lbs this week alone! And I’ve still been feeding my body and staying active. 

No carbs pretty much means tons of salads and meat. Last night I had bacon and eggs. High in protein. Carb-free. Delicious. 

I’ve been working A LOT lately (more on that later) so here are some examples of things I’ve been packing to take to work with me

This is as simple as it looks. Chicken breast over peas and corn. I even added butter and salt and pepper for flavor and didn’t feel guilty about the butter because I was so dang hungry from not eating carbs!

Spinach salad with turkey bacon, strawberries and mangoes, and an apple

Southwest chicken salad. I can’t take credit for this, it’s pre-made (costco all the way!)

So, as you’ll notice the above salad DOES have a little bit of carbs. Guilty. However, when I say going carb free is hard, I mean really, really hard. The first couple of days it was hard to get out of bed. I was light-headed, extremely hungry, and had ZERO energy. To help keep my energy up, I allowed myself a little bit of carbs each day. Such as some corn chips on top of my salad, a handful of pretzels, etc. 

This whole zero energy thing made it really hard to work out too. I stayed as active as I could, I would walk for 20 minutes on the treadmill, do some crunches, maybe some light weights. However, that only lasted for a few days, now I’m in week 2 and feeling a lot better 🙂 

It’s almost like I picked the perfect week to start this because I worked a million extra shifts at work and didn’t have time to workout anyways! 

For those of you who don’t know I’m a part-time manager of a yogurt shop in parker. It’s a small, family owned business. My best friend’s parents own it. Well, given that it’s a family owned business, a lot of their kids work there as well, so when they go on vacation, they take about half the staff with them haha. On top of that, they took one of their family friends along as well who also works at the shop. So we’ve been extremely short staffed so I’ve been working every day. Needless to say, my room is a mess, I really need to do laundry, and I’ve barely been home! I don’t really mind though, I’ll have a lot of extra money when I go to florida in two weeks (eek!).

So now that I finally have some energy back I’ve been more active. Yesterday my boyfriend and I went on a hike and I did a Tone it up! Bikini Series workout. Today I took my dog on a nice walk around my neighborhood and did another Bikini Series workout. 

Happiness. (please excuse my messy room)

So, Tone it up! I joined a few weeks ago and I highly recommend it! If you join the Bikini Series, they post a workout for you to do every day, that tones a different part of your body. They also post a lot of delicious recipes. They have a recipe for protein pancakes, which are amazing! They have no flour, sugar, or dairy. And they still taste great and are packed with protein! I’ve made them for my family and friends and they all agree they still taste delicious!

They also have a nutrition program, but that runs about $150 (the rest of it is free) so I’ll be getting that once I’ve gotten back from my vacation and have the money. If you home train like me, this is a great resource.


It’s great to home train. Who needs to spend tons of money on a gym membership when you can train at home? Luckily, my parents have been health freaks my whole life so I do have a lot of equipment available to me at home.

For those of you who read my post about Eddie Taylor a few weeks ago, I thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Eddie when to be with Jesus last week. Please continue keep the Taylor family in your prayers during this heartbreaking time.

Sorry for unloading! It’s been a while! More next time.



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