Long days ahead

Tuesdays and Thursdays are long days for me. Boyfriend and I have been carpooling to school ever since I moved back. Small setback; I get done with class at 12:15 and he’s not done until 6:15

So I have lots of time to kill. I had plans to work out in the student fitness center, and go to a Zumba class offered on campus, but then the entire PE building ended up being closed for a guest speaker, LAME. So I ended up spending pretty much all 6 hours in my sorority’s club hub space. Luckily some of my sisters were in and out throughout the day so I had some company! I had some things to do, I paid my bills, did some homework, went to starbucks for coffee, and Alfresco Greens for lunch! 

Something I’ve found myself doing a lot more lately is customizing my orders when I have to eat out. For instance, today at lunch I wanted a wrap. A wrap SOUNDS healthy, but they had no options that fit what I was looking for! I ended up getting a chicken bacon ranch wrap with some SERIOUS customizations, haha. First I asked for no tomatoes, (yuck, hate them!) then I asked for them to only put on half the bacon they normally would, I got balsalmic vinegarette instead of ranch, and a whole wheat tortilla instead of white. By the time I was done with it, it was a completely different wrap than what was on the menu haha. I HATE being that picky customer, but I would rather be that than cheat! Props to the dude at Alfresco Greens for being so cool. 


It was delicious and full of protein and greens!

I like to pack a handful of snacks to help get me through my long day. Today I packed, some Late July crackers, (Late July is a brand of organic crackers you can get at Whole Foods or Vitamin Cottage) some strawberries, some dried cranberries, an apple, and a babybell cheese. 


My favorite snack! I actually lost this water bottle at school today and I’m so sad 😦

After a long day spent in the Club Hub wasting time online and watching Netflix, we finally got to go home, after spending some time napping and watching Supernatural, Kurtis went to see a movie with his friends and I headed home.

I FINALLY got all unpacked! I’ve been back for almost two weeks now and have not gotten around to it haha. I’ve been between rooms. My parents were letting me move into the basement, but it wasn’t quite ready yet. So I had some stuff in my old room, and some stuff in the basement, but tonight I finally got all moved in downstairs and I feel much better! image



I love leopard print and Vera Bradley, if you couldn’t tell 😉




Living room! (kinda) The bed is out because we recently had company


Ah, the gym equipment. My new best friends.

I am so thankful to my parents for letting me move down here. It’s a LOT more space than I had at the dorms, as well as my old room before I left. I feel like I can live here for a while and still be independent and still have my own space! How nice! Obviously, it isn’t all mine, but I’m still so grateful and happy! 



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