Slow down, the best is yet to come

Lately I feel like my life has been happening in fast forward. 

I’m getting married four months from today.


Gah. When did I become old enough to get married? Or to have friends getting married? Or have friends having babies? I have a good friend who is two years younger than me getting married on Saturday. WHEN DID I GET SO OLD? 

With so much going on, I’ve barely had time to think about wedding planning (but don’t you worry, my mother and mother-in-law snapped me out of that real quick!) my little sister left for college in California and I was left alone with my brother and sister for four days, life has been completely hectic since my parents got back.

My days have been full of caterer tastings, invitation design meetings, meetings with my moms, (so weird) meetings at the venues, shopping for/putting together centerpieces, work, sorority recruitment, Echo, Echo meetings, shopping/cooking for echo, hair trials for Lucy’s wedding, AND SO MUCH MORE.

I still don’t understand how all of this is happening. My sister and my best friend are flying in tomorrow for the wedding on Saturday. After that we have set-up, the rehearsal dinner, then I have more work, then we have wedding day! 

So much of me wants everything to slow down, but part of me wants everything to speed up.


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