The new blog is almost done!

Hi everyone!

As you can see, there’s been a few changes here! I really wanted to give my blog a HUGE makeover, and the easiest way to do that was to start all over.

I was also having a hard time with deciding if I wanted to just post my writing or also include all those fun GIFs, quotes, and pictures floating around tumblr.

Since those GIFs and pictures are half the fun of tumblr, I will still be posting those on my old URL, and this URL will be strictly for writing posts! (Which is what all of you come here to read anyways!)

I think you’ll notice the look is a lot sleeker and less cluttered. I transferred all my old posts over here so the blog isn’t empty and all those pieces of writing aren’t lost! And people can still go back and read my older stuff 🙂 You’ll also notice at the top of the page there are links to separate pages where you can read about my story with Kurtis (K&K Brown), a little more about me (Me, Myself, and I), and my journey with living a healthier lifestyle (Health and Fitness). Be sure to check them out! I’ve been working really hard on this so I hope you enjoy! And if you forget, and head to my old URL, there will be a link directing you back here!

Also, a lot of people have been asking how to get back to the homepage once you’ve clicked on the links. You just click on the ‘All Things Lovely’ header at the top!



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