Last week, Kurtis and I went with his family to Breckenridge for three days. It was really fun! We stayed at the same resort we went to for our honeymoon (his family has a timeshare there) and relaxed and had a great time.

On our first night, we went and walked around town and got dinner at the crepe stand which is my favorite. Afterwards, we went down to the hottub and had a few drinks and just hung out and relaxed! It was so great to take a few days off of work and just hang out with my husband and his family.



The next morning everyone but me went skiing/snowboarding (I’m not a huge fan since all the bad luck we had when we went skiing on our honeymoon!). That night we all went out to dinner at Bubba Gumps to celebrate the anniversary of the adoption of his two younger brothers.



imageRosie and I went to this cute shop after dinner called Cheese and Chocolate and had these french macaroons!


The next day we ALL went skiing. I decided to give it another try and I’m glad I did! This time was SO much better. It was warm, which helped a lot. My feet weren’t killing me (something was seriously wrong with my boots last time), I didn’t break my pole in half, and I didn’t fall down. (Yes, last time I broke a pole. Luckily we paid for the rental insurance). I ended up having a great time and it’s something I can see my self enjoying more in the future. Which is good because I married into a family who LOVES to ski!



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