Life as of Lately

Why I suck

Things tend to get pretty hectic around here. I don’t know how this happened but I did 4 loads of laundry last Wednesday and have still not folded and put it away. Today I’m gonna do a few more loads and then put ALL of it away. There’s a pile of dishes in my kitchen sink, I REALLY need to sweep, mop, and vacuum the whole house, and I haven’t been grocery shopping in almost a week. I’m ashamed to admit it’s not because I was working extra hours, or hitting the gym super hard…it’s because I have been watching The Vampire Diaries.

Yes, you read correctly. Kurtis and I stayed at my parents house a few weeks ago to watch my brother and sister while my parents were out of town. My sister had just started watching Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries on Netflix. So, we watched it with her. And we got HOOKED. For the past few weeks it’s all we’ve been doing. When we both get home from work we sit down and watch it for hours. A few days ago I made us get up and go for a walk around the neighborhood just to take a break from staring at the TV. It got out of control. But I am happy to say we finished all 4 seasons that Netflix offers (in record time) and will be resuming our normal lives. I have today off and I have some serious work to do around the house.

Dance Exploration

I started a new job! I’ve been working as a dance teacher for a company called Dance Exploration and I love it so far! They don’t have an actual studio. Instead, the company offers dance classes to places like summer camps, after school programs, and day cares. Right now I’m teaching Pre-Ballet to 3-7 year olds every Thursday at the Rock-A-My-Baby care center, and Broadway Dance to an Elementary School after school program for the next 3 Fridays. It’s been so much fun! I love that I am dancing again and am getting to share it with kids!


This month for Echo was my favorite yet. For anyone who doesn’t know what Echo is, it’s an outreach done by my church on the last Friday of every month. There’s awesome music by a band called Felling Giants, a message, and a food bar afterwards! I usually organize the food bars and have so much fun doing it! In the past we’ve done things like a Mac and Cheese Bar, a Biscuit Bar, Nacho Bar, Hot Dog Bar, etc. Last night I organized a French Fry Bar and it was the best. For the first time everything got completely cleaned out! I was so glad everyone enjoyed it!

Everyone started with a plate of french fries and then got to put whatever they wanted on top of it! We had chilli and shredded cheese for chilli cheese fries, queso and bacon bits for bacon cheese fries, plain ketchup or ranch if you wanted to be boring, and everyone’s favorite…carne asad fries. Carne asada fries were inspired by some Mexican restaurant that serves them that a family at our church really likes. We bough 12lbs of delicious carne asada, grilled it up, and offered toppings like cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and salsa. They rocked.


This is the plate I took home for Kurtis. (There’s fries under there somewhere) Mine very boring in comparison since I can’t have anything with dairy!

Tone it Up!

I’ve been seriously slacking in my health and fitness aspect of life lately. But, my best friend Jessi and I just signed up for the Tone It Up 2014 Bikini Series to whip our butts into shape before Summer. I’m actually kind of excited about it! We’ll also both be going back on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. I spent so much money on it, I need to start using it again. Tone It Up is a super cool health and fitness organization for women. I discovered it about a year ago and love it! Check them out at:


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