Wedding Edition-Disney Touches

I’m a huge Disnerd. It’s a thing. My favorite place in the world is the parks and when I’m sad or bored they’re always my go-to movies. I could win any Disney trivia game, ramble off facts about the parks, and quote the movies until my face turns blue.

I love the nostalgia, I love the fun, I love the magical feeling related with anything Disney. And let’s not forget we got engaged at Disneyland! So, of course I wanted to incorporate Disney into my wedding! However, I am also an adult (kind of), so I wanted it to still come off as mature and subtle.


I decided early on in my wedding planning that the inspiration for most of the wedding was going to be Beauty and the Beast. I loved the colors and the roses. So starting at the top, our invitations of course had to say Be Our Guest!


As did our Guest Book of course


I had our programs for the ceremony say Tale As Old As Time an excerpt from the movie’s title song, which is also what my family was seated to


Our favors were little soap roses! Courtesy of my mother-in-law


I had hidden Mickey’s on the bottom of my shoes



Kurtis and I collect Disney Vinylmation so we chose bride and groom vinyls for our cake topper!



And, the most staple Beauty and the Beast inspiration at the wedding, was of course the centerpieces.


And we had to use our Mickey-ear bride and groom hats as photobooth props!


How could we not?



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