365 days.

365 days ago I became yours and you became mine.

This year has gone nothing like we planned but I have loved harder, laughed louder, and learned more than I ever knew was possible.

People thought we were crazy, and maybe we were, but 365 days ago was the best day of my life.

If I could go back and tell 21-year old bride me anything it would be this:

Stop worrying about the flowers, and your make-up, and the snowstorm. When you see him everything will stop, and everything will be okay. Your marriage won’t be easy, but it will be blissful, and the adventure you are about to embark on is the most exciting thing you have yet to do. This man will fiercely love even the worst parts of you, and protect you by whatever means necessary. He will stand by you when your migraines get out of hand. He will come to every doctor’s appointment. He will watch Friends and eat pizza with you on Friday nights. He will support your goals and the next steps you take towards a career. He will hold you and reassure you as you sit on the bathroom floor, terrified, holding the positive pregnancy test you were not planning on. You will watch him grow into a spiritual leader, wonderful husband, and incredible father to the growing jelly bean inside of you. He will be there for you as the jelly bean inside you makes you sick over, and over again. He will still come to every doctor’s appointment.

1 year later, when everything is different, and nothing turns out how you’re currently planning, you will be even happier than you are today. Because the best is yet to come.

And the snowstorm is actually going to make your pictures amazing!

365 days.



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