14 Week Update


Baby is the size of: A lemon! 3.4 inches long and 1.5 ounces

Craving: Raspberries, Oranges, and mashed potatoes

Symptoms: Minimal heartburn, fatigue, hunger, aches and pains, frequent urination.

I’ve been feeling a lot better and am crazy excited to be done with the first trimester! Since I’m not as sick, I’ve been crazy hungry, luckily my biggest craving is fruit! One of the hardest balances in pregnancy is eating right. You’re craving all these greasy foods but you also need to make sure the baby is getting the right nutrients! Luckily for me, I haven’t had that problem too much, I’ve been scarfing down oranges like it’s my job. I’m trying to eat pretty much the same as I was before, but if I have a craving, I don’t ignore it. It is pregnancy after all! I’m also eating a lot more easy to prepare foods since I’m still so tired and don’t want to spend an hour in the kitchen making chicken, brown rice, and veggies. It’s a difficult balance, but I’m trying to do my best for the baby. I’m also ready to start working out again since I’m not throwing up all the time! I’ve been doing some yoga and walking Bennett every day but that’s been pretty much it thus far. I tried doing my normal Orangetheory workouts at the beginning and I just couldn’t keep up! But now I’m ready to try again!

My biggest complaint right now would be all the random aches and pains. I’ve been having a lot of discomfort in my ribs, I’ve read some articles that a lot of your organs move around and that’s the pain your feeling. It could also be the baby moving around up there, but it’s not quite big enough yet. Also, I honestly think I peed 30 or 40 times yesterday.

Oh, and I’m at that super awesome stage where none of my clothes fit, but maternity clothes are still too big. So I have nothing to wear!

The baby is moving around a lot! I’ve had a couple instances where I think I might’ve felt it, but I can’t convince myself I’m 100% sure. The doctor says I could start feeling it any time now, but not to worry if I don’t for a few more weeks, everyone is different!

I’ve started doing major baby research (turns out I don’t know much, and Kurtis definitely doesn’t). Sorry for flooding your pinterest feeds!

Here’s to the second trimester!



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