Blessed with Blue

Baby Brown is a boy!

And I’m 19 weeks today.


We’re so excited! As most of you know, Kurtis was really nervous about the idea of having a girl. Something about when she becomes a teenager, and having to clean his guns all the time. I don’t know 😉 I didn’t have much a preference either way, but for his sake, I was hoping boy. 

When we went to our ultrasound this morning, I think I had underestimated how badly I really wanted a boy, because the more I thought about it, the more nervous a girl made me. And then I felt guilty because I knew I shouldn’t prefer one over the other. But I knew if I had a daughter later I really wanted her to have a big brother! So I got more and more nervous as the ultrasound went on, but when she finally got to the gender, I could tell right away it was a boy before she said anything! The ultrasound tech said there was no denying it haha. And we were so happy! 

And while I can’t wait to have a little princess later in life, I’m glad we’re getting a little guy first. 

The 20 week ultrasound is wild. We haven’t had an ultrasound since 12 weeks (almost two months ago) and the amount it has grown is incredible. He was moving like crazy (per usual), and the ultrasound tech was even getting frustrated because she couldn’t get a clear picture of everything she needed to see without him moving! We eventually got to see his heart, bladder, kidneys, spine, etc. It was really cool and so clear! He is definitely a big little guy, I even winced when she started measuring his head. It already looks so big. The doctor just called with our results and said everything looks normal but I’m measuring about a week ahead. They’re not going to change my due date yet since it’s only a few days but we’ll see how he keeps growing.


As we watched the baby squirm and squirm Kurtis turned to me, appalled, and says, “you really can’t feel that?!” I told him I definitely couldn’t feel all of it, I was maybe feeling 1/3 of his movements. Then the tech them told me that my placenta is on top of the baby, making it harder to feel. Which makes so much sense as to why I’ve been having such a hard time differentiating between baby movements and just stomach bubbles. She said that’s why I only feel him sometimes even though he’s moving like crazy. She said to enjoy the comfort now because after a few weeks, the placenta will either move, or the baby will get so big and strong that it wont even matter and I’ll be feeling his kicks all the time!

I still get headaches every few days, and my heartburn is darn near out of control by now. Sleeping is getting more and more uncomfortable as well! Kurtis bought me a new body pillow last night (Bennett destroyed my last two) and that helped a lot. Pregnancy as whole has continued to be really rough but I’m almost halfway done now!

After our doctor’s appointment, we went straight to Target to buy bubble gum. I have known forever what kind of gender reveal I wanted to do! Then we went to Tokyo Joe’s for lunch and stopped outside first to take the pictures with our new selfie stick (Oh, yes. You should get one too). And it was incredibly difficult. Who knew blowing decent bubbles at the same time would be so hard! It took us a good 20 minutes.


It was rough. But we finally got a decent one and sent it to our families and friends and then posted our happy news!

Now that we know it’s a boy it’s time to narrow down names and get started on the nursery! I’m in awe The Lord has entrusted this little guy to us, we feel so blessed!



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