Shop Small Saturday: Holiday Gift Guide Stop #2 (Tiny Face Big Mess + a giveaway!)

Welcome to stop #2 of the 2015 Holiday Gift Guide! Today, we’re celebrating Shop Small Saturday by talking about a great new etsy shop Tiny Face Big Mess.

Tiny Face Big Mess is an amazing shop filled with handmade items for your little. Britni, the owner, hand sews every piece with love and they are so cute! She currently offers, bibdanas, binky clips, and suck pads!


I know what you’re thinking, I had never heard of suck pads either! But they have really changed my baby wearing experience! If you follow me on Instagram you know I am a huge advocate for baby wearing. It’s one of my favorite things. I wear Sawyer daily for many things, but especially when we walk our dog. Sawyer currently likes to put everything in his mouth. I find myself washing my wrap extremely often because he’s drooling all over it! The suck pads give him something to occupy his mouth with, without dirtying up the wrap!

I also found a second use for them today. We were out on our usual walk, my outfit didn’t have any pockets and so I didn’t have anything with me. So, naturally, Sawyer spit up everywhere, all over himself and me, and I didn’t have a burp cloth. So I just unsnapped one of the suck pads and, bam! Instant burp cloth. I was so excited!

I love the style of a bibdana. Sawyer is constantly spitting up and ruining his cute outfits. But I don’t want him to wear a bib all day, because then whats the point of the cute outfit? (#momprobs) A bibdana is adorable, stylish, and practical. All the usefulness of a bib but way cuter!

 About the shop:

I started my shop because my daughter was spitting up a lot! A friend of mine told me I could either change onsies ever 1/2 hour or I could just use a bib. So, I went shopping for some bibs the next day and realized that they where all super un fashionable and I didn’t want my baby’s cute outfits compromised by a bib that was either too pink or had cheesy things on it! So I went to the fabric store and got super cute stuff, came home, and whipped out a few bandana bibs. I started getting a lot of complements on the bibdanas and people asking me where I got them which led me to open my shop! I added the suck pads and pacifier clips later on. The suck pads came about because again, my little one was a drooler and the straps of my baby carrier where getting spit stained. She also loves to throw things (like her pacis!) which is here I got the idea to make pacifier clips.My main reason for starting the shop was to earn some extra income as a stay at home mom!

Would you believe me if I told you you haven’t even heard the best part yet? Britni has an adorable Star Wars collection. Just in time for the new movie! She was kind enough to send us one, and it is to die for it’s so cute! He wore the Star Wars bibdana to church last Sunday, and people could not stop commenting it!




And, there’s more! Britni and I have teamed up to give you a chance to win a bibdana for your little in her Feathers in the Wind pattern, which hasn’t even been released yet! Your little will be the first to rock it! Head to my Instagram to enter!


And make sure you’re following both of us for a surprise in a few weeks!

Tiny Face Big Mess would make a great gift for your little niece/nephew/grandaughter/grandson/son/daughter, all the littles in your life! And best of all? It’s completely affordable. Nothing in the shop is over $10! And you can get 20% off this week only by entering the code TURKEYDAY at checkout. Happy shopping!

Make sure to check them out HERE and follow them on Instagram too!


Disclaimer: I recieved this product in exchange for review but all opinions are my own.



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