Operation: Get Dressed- Style Meets Comfort 

As a mom, being comfortable is so, so important. Now that Sawyer is mobile, I’m moving around a lot. And so I need to dress in a way that makes that possible.
When I challenged myself to start getting dressed every day, I knew that didn’t mean dressing to the nines on the regular. I knew on days I was home with Sawyer, it meant comfortable, but still cute. My favorite way to do that is with skirts and dresses!
Seriously, I find skirts and dresses to be so much more comfortable than pants (although, not quite as comfortable as leggings). And it requires hardly any thought. You can throw on a dress and some flats and boom, cute outfit. You don’t have to coordinate anything or spend a ton of time on accessories. And you look polished and put together. 
I found the most adorable dresses from Ruthie Grace Boutique! I wanted everything I saw they have an amazing selection of clothing for Women. Everything is unique and so adorable! And it fit all my criteria for mama style. Cute, comfortable, affordable, and modest. Today, I’ve styled two dresses to share with you. 


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