Let’s all Just Feed our Babies


This weekend on Instagram, I encountered some hate over how I choose to feed my child in public. And I’m sure we all have. Facebook photos of mothers breastfeeding get reported as inappropriate every day. Exclusively breastfeeding moms hate on formula feeding moms. Pumping moms are forced to pump on the toilet during minimal breaks at the office.

What happened with me is not as bad as any of those things. Basically, a woman told me that I was incorrectly using the #normalizebreastfeeding hashtag because in the picture in question, I was nursing with a cover


“It’s not normal for a baby to eat with a blanket over his head.”

I can see where she’s coming from. In her opinion, #normalizebreastfeeding means mother’s don’t have to use a cover. That we can breastfeed whenever and however we want to. And you know what? We can.

In my opinion, #normalizebreastfeeding means breastfeeding for every mother, wherever and however you see fit. Due to Sawyer’s latch issues, and needing to use a shield, I feel much more comfortable using a cover in public while I get situated because it takes a little bit, and if I didn’t use a cover, I would be completely exposed for a long while before baby does his thing. Just because I chose to nurse with a cover for those reasons, does not in any way mean I do not support the #normalizebreastfeeding movement. We just probably have different ideas of what that movement means. I can support the cause while still using a cover. And trust me, I still get weird looks from people even with the cover on. I’m in no way setting back the movement by choosing to cover up because it makes me more comfortable.

Growing up female, is hard. So much harder than anyone can prepare you for. All my pubescent life, I had a hard time in this area. I was a late bloomer. And boys and girls alike were not afraid to remind me of this. I got teased, by my friends even. Not a day went by that I was not reminded that my chest was not up to society’s standards. That I was not the purely sexual being that men wanted me to be . And I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. If your chest was too big, you got teased. Too small, you got teased. Back then, your chest was the object of sexual desire and nothing more. As you get older, you realize that is not the case. This part of the body was created for so much more.

Being given a hard time based on how I chose to feed my child sure does bring me back to those middle school days. When are we going to get over them? When are we going to recognize them for what they truly are? When are we going to start minding our own business when it comes to something as personal as this? 

Normalize Breastfeeding is not about uncovered nursing. It’s about a mother just being comfortable enough to breastfeed in public. Covered or not. It’s about every woman feeling comfortable doing what her body was created to do, no matter where she is. Because he baby is hungry. And when your baby is hungry, you feed it.

And you know what else? It doesn’t matter how. If you nurse completely uncovered and don’t care what anybody sees, great! If you use a cover because you’re a little bit insecure because maybe just maybe you’ve been uncomfortable with your chest your whole life, or you just want a little more privacy, great! If breastfeeding didn’t work out for you, and you give your baby formula or exclusively pump, great! And don’t you dare, tell another mother how she should be feeding her child. You don’t know her struggle, and you don’t make her choices for her.



Let’s all just feed our babies.




Muslin Swaddle Blankets: The Only Way To Go! (Featuring Oliver + Kit and a giveaway!)

What is muslin? Muslin is a lightweight, breathable cotton fabric. It originated in Bangladesh during the middle ages and is typically used in sewing, and even as a filter in cooking! Lately, muslin has been used to make popular infant products. Especially in swaddle blankets.

What makes muslin great for swaddling is the breathability. The fabric is so light, it allows for optimal airflow, and reduces the risk of overheating. Wrap your baby tight without worrying! It will also last you a long time. Muslin is extremely soft, and only gets softer the more you wash it. When it comes to our babies, durability is a must!

There are lots of great swaddle blankets out there made with muslin. But recently, I came across Oliver + Kit.

What makes Oliver + Kit unique is their gorgeous, colorful, loud designs! These blankets are so wonderfully fun, you’ll want one in every design. Sawyer loves them! The beautiful colors and patterns are great stimulation. He’ll stare at them all day long! He’s at that stage where he puts everything in his mouth and I can rest assured that these are light and breathable enough that he can pull them over his face and stick the corners in his mouth without suffocating (under my supervision of course).

Warning: Never leave your child unattended with a blanket 


I’ve gotten so many questions and compliments on these blankets while we’re out and about, the patterns are just so captivating! It’s made a great car seat blanket now that the weather has gotten colder. We don’t leave home without one!

About Oliver + Kit:

Oliver + Kit co-founders, Karen + Dani, are a mother-daughter team from Iowa and California. Best friends, Karen + Dani enjoy spending time at home, on adventures, and on creative pursuits. Their love of design and creativity coupled with a desire to bring fine things to children inspired them to create Oliver + Kit. They believe fashion and quality should not have to wait, but should start at birth. Their designs are each uniquely created and produced in limited numbers. They know you are looking for something new, bold, and different, not just the same baby designs you see everywhere. Karen + Dani hope you and your child enjoy Oliver + Kit products as much as they have enjoyed bringing them to you.

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Disclaimer: I received this product in exchange for review but all opinions are my own.