Holiday Gift Guide Stop #1: Scentbird and Canvas Pop (+ a giveaway!) 

Hello everyone! I’m kicking off my Holiday Gift Guide with two companies I’ve fallen in love with. Scentbird and Canvas Pop!


Scentbird is a monthly perfume subscription. You take a personality quiz entitled the “TruScent Reccomender” and it reccomends fragrances that they think you would like. I used the TruScent Reccomender and found it so fun! It gave me an array of floral scents to choose from and I chose Daisy Eu So Fresh by Marc Jacobs.

The first reason I really enjoyed this process is that, I hardly even finish an entire bottle of perfume before moving on to another fragrance. What’s great about Scentbird is that you get one month’s worth of a designed fragrance, and then you can pick a new one! It’s a really affordable way to wear designer perfumes. You can choose a different scent every month, or qeue up your fragrances to be delivered automatically each month. You can pick from 350+ scents for just $14.95 per month.

My order arrived very quickly and was packaged well. With your first month’s order, you recieve a perfume case that fits the 8 ml spray bottle inside. Hold on to this case for your future month’s orders! It also comes with instruction on how to insert your spray bottles. You also have the options to purchases more cases in different colors for $12.95. Each spray bottle contains 30 days worth of fragrance (4 sprays per day).

I love that the perfumes fit perfectly inside my purse! The spray bottles and case are easy to use and I love being able to say I’m wearing a Marc Jacobs fragrance, without paying the designer price.

They have holiday gift sets for both men and women that would make great Christmas gifts! Or you could sign up your loved one for a 1, 3, or 6 month subscription. Scentbird is an amazing service, I love wearing designer fragrances at a fraction of the cost! They also offer a cologne option for men, it would make a great gift for almost anyone on your list!

Check them out here!

Canvas Pop

I just adore my canvas from Canvas Pop! We hung it in our living room next to a smaller canvas of one of our engagement photos. They look so great stacked together, and what a fun way to watch our family grow. I absolutely adore pictures and have them hung up all over our house. Canvas prints makes such wonderful, classy decor!

Canvas Pop has great quality canvases at an affordable price. They even have the option to print canvases of your Instagram photos which is so fun! In a perfect world, all of my Instagram pictures would be printed on canvases.

What sets Canvas Pop apart from other canvas companies is the world-class customer support, as well as the quality of their canvases. Each order even comes with your own personal designer, who will work with you to get your canvas just right. They also offer a lifetime guarantee, if you don’t absolutely love it, they will redo it. Simple as that.

Canvases make amazing home decor…I have quite a few hung up in my home already! Canvas Pop would make a great gift for a family member or anyone who loves pictures, memories, decor, or art. A canvas print of a family picture is a great gift to give mom and dad or the in-laws. They’ll love it!

Make sure to check them out here!

I love my canvas so much, I’ve teamed up with Canvas Pop to offer you a chance to win one of your own! We’re giving away a 16X24″ canvas printed with the photo of your choice. Head to my Instagram to enter!
And, stay tuned next week for anothe awesome contest featuring Canvas Popn 


Disclaimer: I recieved this product in exchange for review but all opinions are my own. 


Easy Home Fall Decor featuring Let Them Be Gold

Don’t you just love Fall? I hate to be super basic here, but there is nothing better than when the air gets crisp and the leaves change! One of my favorite parts about Fall is the fashion (more on that later) and the decor! I just love decorating my house for Autum! 

Side note: I found this on Instagram, had a good laugh, and then decided I should probably start using the term Autumn instead of Fall more often, ha! 

Last year, our first year as a married couple in our own home, I was so excited to start decorating and bought a few cute, inexpensive pieces to make our home feel festive. This year, I added on a few more and love the way it looks. I didn’t spend very much money on anything, it’s easy to decorate with just a couple good pieces! In fact, it’s so easy, and inexpensive, I’d like to share my finds with you! 

Burlap Banner: Target, $3

Gobble gobble sign: Target, $3

Mini Pumpkins: Flat Acres Pumpkin Patch: $0.65 ea.

Black Tray: Target, $3

Milk Jar: Michaels, $2

Faux Flowers: Michaels, $1.50

Pumpkin Spice Candle: WalMart, $6

Ceramic Pumpkin: WalMart, $3

Give Thanks Printable: Let Them Be Gold, $5

Black Frame: Dollar Tree, $1

Candy Jar: Michaels, $3

Candy Corn: $1.50

Pumpkin: Target, $3

Pumpkin Spice Printable: Let Them Be Gold, $5

Brown Frame: Dollar Tree, $1 

All of this for less than $50! I have to say my favorite pieces are the printables from Let Them Be Gold! Let Them Be Gold is a wonderful little Etsy shop that sells adorable prints such a these ones. They will even custom make you whatever you want! Their prints are so affordable, only $5, and they will email you the PDF to print off yourself. They also offer an option to print it off for you on high-quality glossy photo paper and ship it to you for only $10-$14 depending on the size of print.  Pick up some frames from your local dollar store and you’ve got a cute, inexpensive piece of decor for your home! 

The best part? Using prints as part of your decor makes it easy to just switch the printables out for different holidays and occasions. I plan to leave the frames where they are and switch them out for some Christmas printables once the holidays arrive. So cute and easy! 

Let Them Be Gold has printables for every occasion. Their designs are so great and they are wonderful to work with. Contact them today to get a head start on your Christmas Decor! 

If you’re interested in shopping Let Them Be Gold and getting some prints for yourself, you can visit their shop here.

Also be sure to follow them on Instagram!

What’s your favorite place to shop for inexpensive Fall Decor? 


Disclaimer: I recieved Let Them Be Gold products in exchange for review but all opinions are my own.