K&K Brown

It all started in the summer of 2009

I met a boy named Kurtis, and I was smitten.

It wasn’t always easy. We were friends first, and every time we tried to be more, we wound up back at friends.

Then, on Spetember 24th, 2010, he gave me his class ring and asked me to be his. (For real this time!)

And that was that!

He was away at UNC that year while I was finishing up my senior year of high school. The distance was hard but we made it through!

I graduated in May of 2011 and he moved back home. We attended MSU Denver together that fall. Things got so much easier once we lived in the same city!

On Christmas Eve, 2012, he gave me a beautiful diamond promise ring

And 8 months later, he fulfilled that promise, at my favorite place in the world.

We were married on a snowy January afternoon in front of all our family and friends


A short 10 months later we found out we were expecting a baby! Surprise! A boy due in July 2015.

Sawyer Joshua Brown was born on June 26th 2015, 5 weeks early, via emergency C-section, after I developed a scary case of severe preeclampsia. Miraculously, he was born with very strong lungs and needed no NICU time! 

After a week in the hospital we got to go home and start our family adventure. 

And now all that’s left is forever.

Keep up with us on Instagram by searching the hashtags:

#katieandkurtis #adventuresinmarriage #brownwedding1414 #babybrownbabybump #sawyerjoshuabrown

To view our wedding album, engagement pictures, pregnancy announcement pictures and more visit our flickr!



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